The Small(er) Church Project

The Small Church Project is part of a desire to serve the under-resourced church and youth ministry leader.  We know that many churches are unable to access training and resources because of budget constraints and time limits by volunteer, part-time or over-worked full-time staff people.

We do not want money to be the reason you miss out on the training and encouragement that you deserve.  This project is designed to serve you and your church. We have friends and donors who want to support every church that cares about sharing Jesus to the next generation.  They want to help small(er) churches that often struggle with accessing the training resources that can cost hundreds of dollars.  Through this project, we will work with you and your church on a sliding scale to allow you to access great training or coaching.

We are passionate about educating, equipping and encouraging leaders in youth and family ministry. Training can be a vital component that helps youth workers be prepared to effectively minister in a rapidly change adolescent world. The Small(er) Church Project will give you a strategy to receive coaching, training or provide training to your volunteers and/or parents.

  • A personal plan for you and your church.  Applying for the Small Church Project will give you a chance to create a specific strategy to meet your ministry needs.  You will talk directly with a YMC staff person about your needs, hopes and expectations.  Together, you will design a plan.
  • A sliding scale to help you with your budget realities. This project knows that church budgets are tight—and we have donors who believe in you and in smaller churches.  With donor support, Tiger will work with you to not only design the plan—but create a fee structure that is fair to you and your context. 
  • Go beyond good intentions.  Let us help you actually build a strategy.  We know this will not fix everything—and you won’t win any attendance awards because of this.  However, you may be more encouraged, get new ideas and feel more equipped for the challenges in your church. 

Whether you are new in ministry or just need some training, this project may be just what you need. This can help you identify goals and priorities, discuss strategies and deal with obstacles you might be facing.  It may give you an actual plan to support your volunteers and parents while giving you direction and clarity in your role.

Please complete this form and email or send it to Tiger as noted on the bottom of page two.