Most typical youth ministries today produce nice, obedient kids who behave themselves–and then leave the church and the faith. So what are we doing wrong? Kara Powell will dive into practical strategies for lasting faith in the next generation. 

In an age where over 1 million young adults will walk away from the faith every year, Robert Purvey of Tenx10 discusses 7 discipleship principles to change the trajectory of faith for a generation.

Through hundreds of conversations with students and digging into recent research it has become clear that there are 7 faith factors youth ministries must focus on to help students have a faith that lasts a lifetime.  
Join Mark Oestreicher of the Youth Cartel to walk through the various transitions middle school students find themselves in and practical ideas to best serve them in the church. 

Every leader will encounter challenging kids. This webinar will equip leaders with practical tools and strategies to care well in these difficult moments.

Join Youth Ministry Consultants for a great conversation with Kara Powell–the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute, and a leading voice in the world of youth and family ministry. We will discuss the 3 questions and the challenges facing teens today so you have practical next steps to connect with your students and lead them to Jesus.

Most church leaders find themselves serving a small(er) church. In this conversation, we talk about the unique opportunities and challenges of small church ministry.


“Meeting with my coach from YMC has been so helpful. I always walk away from our time together feeling encouraged, equipped and energized.”