Small churches can have tremendous impact. Join small church ministry expert Stephanie Caro as she shares tips and tricks for keeping your church relevant to the community around you.

Policies. Expense Reports. Emails. Receipts. Often times we find ourselves drowning in the management details of ministry. Learn how to manage your ministry effectively in this insightful conversation.

Change in any organization is innevitable. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Learn proven strategies on why change is hard and how to successfully move your ministry forward.

Finding enough leaders can be one of the biggest challenges in ministry. When you do find them, what then? Join Jen Bradbury of Fuller Youth Institute for key insights on recruitment and volunteer training. 

Start thinking strategically in the frantic pace of ministry. Together we’ll look at key pieces of your ministry and how, with some intentionality, you can set specific goals, save time and headaches, and most importantly- increase your impact.

Through hundreds of conversations with students and digging into recent research it has become clear that there are 7 faith factors youth ministries must focus on to help students have a faith that lasts a lifetime.  

We all hope to be more effective in our ministries to as many students as possible, but hope is not a strategy. Gain insight into how to practically and strategically lead your students well.

Most church leaders find themselves serving a small(er) church. In this conversation, we talk about the unique opportunities and challenges of small church ministry.


“Meeting with my coach from YMC has been so helpful. I always walk away from our time together feeling encouraged, equipped and energized.”