Youth Ministry Consultants is a ministry committed to helping churches, parents, leaders and volunteers share Jesus to the next generation with clarity and passion. We simply believe that there are 3 circles of influence when it comes to passing faith onto the next generation: Parents—Churches—and Caring adults who invest in children and teenagers.

In today’s distracting world, it is essential that these influences go beyond good intentions. A phrase we say all the time is: “Hope is not a Strategy.” It’s nice to hope for things, but in today’s world, we must be increasingly strategic in our efforts.

We exist to help you—especially if you are a smaller church that often feels under-resourced, under-trained and over-worked.
We desire to serve any church, ministry or adult who cares about the next generation. We are developing a new emphasis on serving the small, under-resourced church through the Small Church Project. Check in here as this develops.

Tiger McLuen is the Executive Director of Youth Ministry Consultants.  Tiger has a unique perspective on leadership as he has served in the church, was an instructor at two seminaries, led Youth Leadership for 29 years and is a nationally known speaker and teacher. He is also the author of a couple of book and some articles – but mostly he’s a youth leader who loves being in a room full of people who care about the next generation. Tiger and Sue have been married for 42 years and have 4 grown children. The addition of 9 grandchildren has been a huge part of God’s blessing!! When Tiger isn’t speaking or coaching—you can find him working around the house, riding his motorcycle, boating/skiing, sneaking out to a matinee movie or eating healthy food at a variety of fast food places.